Why work with us?

At Financial Planning Solutions we have a vision ‘to help our clients manage their finances to live the lifestyle they want, without fear of running out of money’. We deliver on this vision every single day – here’s how:

We’re passionate about financial planning

Andrew was an early adopter of the principles of financial planning in 2006. While other advisers were focusing on selling products, he realised that his true calling was to change people’s lives through financial coaching, lifetime cashflow modelling and investment management. You can see how effective financial planning changes lives by reading our client stories below.

We know every clients’ name

Every single one of them. That’s because we’re not a large, impersonal corporate which simply wants to put your wealth into an investment process. We want you to enjoy your wealth by using it to achieve what you want in life. We can only do that if we truly know who you are and what’s important to you. So, we provide a truly one-to-one service that’s bespoke to you and your needs.

Our team is committed to excellence

With two Chartered Financial Planners on the team, we’ve gone over and above the minimum standards of qualifications required by the FCA. Our support team is made up of experienced people who are committed to delivering an excellent service. There will always be someone for you to speak to and we’re always happy to help.

We know what we’re good at and we stick to it

Some financial planners run investment portfolios in-house. However, we believe that our expertise lies in developing a long-term relationship with you, understanding what’s important to you and helping you to enjoy your wealth. So, we use investment managers to run our portfolios, ensuring that they match your investment requirements.

We charge a fair price (and we don’t hide our fees)

We believe in charging a fair price for a service which delivers excellent value. Our charges include a mix of fixed fees and fees charged as a percentage of the money that we invest on your behalf. We’ll always discuss the payment options with you and answer any questions you have. For full details of our charging structures, please visit our ‘How we charge’ page.

We give you time to focus on the important things

Life is for living – you shouldn’t live life in fear of running out of money. Yet, some people get so caught up in managing their money and working out how best to grow it, that they forget to focus on why they need money in the first place! By working with experienced and qualified financial planners, you can free up your time to get on with enjoying life.

Client stories

We really do change people’s lives! Meet some of the clients who we’ve helped to enjoy their wealth over the years

Clive & Karen Seeley

We are delighted with the service provided by Andrew and his team. They listened to what our goals were and worked with us to provide a solution to achieve them. Andrew’s support and advice has ensured that we can now relax, enjoy our retirement and achieve those goals.

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Jeremy & Jayne Cooke

The model Andrew has provided allows us to have a choice with Jeremy’s pension. It provides funds in later life, but also allows us to have sufficient income while we are still young and fit enough to be able to do the things we want before Jeremy’s health deteriorates further.

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Jacqui Collins

Andrew completely changed the way I thought about planning for retirement. Without Andrew’s help and advice, I would probably have had to continue to work well beyond age 60. A year into retirement, my finances have worked out exactly as planned. I will always be grateful.

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Paul & Ruth Jeffries

After working hard for many years, we wanted a retirement that we could enjoy, not just ‘scrape through’. We needed to know there was still a future there to enjoy, and the plan that Andrew created for us has given us the financial security to retire with confidence.

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Graham and Sherill Worgan

On meeting Andrew for the first time we were extremely impressed by the considerable time he spent in determining and fully understanding our retirement needs and aspirations. This has contributed considerably to the enjoyable and secure retirement we have enjoyed since 2013.

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Bob and Judith Choppen

Andrew’s approach was different in that he spent a great deal of time with us understanding what we wanted to achieve from our total assets during retirement. We remain very happy and value his friendly nature and interest in our current needs.

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