Approaching retirement

Bob and Judith Choppen

Clients since 2012

What prompted Bob and Judith to seek advice?

When they approached us, Bob was 65 and a product manager. Judith had already retired.
Bob has a degenerative illness and his family were concerned that his work was affecting his health.

They had been encouraging him to retire for some time, but he wasn’t confident that his financial arrangements would allow him to. The couple’s main financial pressure was being able to visit family in New Zealand every year as well as being able to maintain a good standard of living in retirement.

How did we help?

Firstly, we completed an expenditure questionnaire based on their ideal lifestyle in retirement. We considered what income would be available from pensions for the remainder of their lives and identified their shortfall.

We then reviewed their existing pensions, savings and investments with a view to making recommendations on generating an income to cover their needs, thus ensuring they could live their ideal lifestyle without fear of running out of money.

Our plan was demonstrated through a highly visual Lifetime Cashflow model and followed up with full advice and recommendations. Our recommendations were implemented and we have continued to manage their investment and pension portfolios since.

How have Bob and Judith benefited from our advice?

Bob announced his retirement to the whole family over their Christmas dinner which was very well received! They immediately planned a long trip to New Zealand and have visited every year since. They’ve been able to extend their trips to include stopovers in Australia and other places en-route.

They have now relocated to Leicester to be closer to other members of the family and they’ve enjoyed making significant improvements to their new home. Most importantly Bob’s health has stabilised.

What Bob and Judith say about working with us:

“Our previous experience of financial advisers was limited to banks and pension specialists who were primarily interested selling specific products and only considered specific elements of our finances. We never saw the same advisor twice and we felt the service to be very impersonal.

Andrew’s approach was different in that he spent a great deal of time with us understanding what we wanted to achieve from our total assets during retirement. The Lifetime Cashflow model was invaluable for providing the guidance and confidence for us to progress with his recommendations.

While we lived locally to Andrew’s office he was always happy for us call in or to visit us at home to discuss his proposals. Now we have moved to Leicestershire, despite the distance, we still get meetings at home to discuss performance and future strategy for our investments. We also maintain regular contact via telephone and email. We remain very happy with the work Andrew puts in for us and value his friendly nature and interest in our current needs.”

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