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Paul & Ruth Jeffries

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What prompted Paul & Ruth to seek advice?

Paul and Ruth were in their early 50s and owned a successful business based in Cwmbran. They wanted to sell their business and retire when Paul was 60 and travel extensively. They had built up a significant level of pensions, savings and investments, and while they had previously consulted an IFA, they felt that his focus was on building their wealth and not establishing goal-driven financial planning.

How did we help?

We established what Paul and Ruth’s objectives were and prioritised them in a lifetime cashflow model. We agreed the level of risk they were comfortable with and constructed a lower costing portfolio, making greater use of tax allowances through pensions and ISAs.

How have Paul and Ruth benefited from our advice?

Paul and Ruth could have retired at age 60 as planned. However, business was good, and they felt they were too young to retire, so they continued with the business for a few more years. Now they have retired, they have been able to ‘tick-off’ their goals through helping family and travelling extensively.

What Paul and Ruth say about working with us:

“After about five years with another adviser, we began to get disillusioned. There didn’t seem to be any financial structure or plan for our retirement. It was more to do with rewarding their company first. In 2006 we started to look for an IFA. We like to think we can make good judgements when it comes to finances, so after doing some research into IFAs in our location, we found Andrew.

From the very first meeting with Andrew, he gave us the confidence to go forward with his plans.
We sat down and talked about the goals we wanted to achieve during the remainder of our working life, but more importantly, our retirement and into our old age. We never felt at any time that we were pushed or rushed into making any decision.

We had built up a good level of investments, pensions and savings over the years, and after working hard for many years, we wanted a retirement that we could enjoy, not just ‘scrape through’. We needed to know there was still a future there to enjoy, and the plan that Andrew created for us has given us the financial security to retire with confidence.

We are now four years into our retirement and enjoying every minute! Our greatest passion is to travel and since retiring we have been to some fabulous places! We have also been able to help financially support our family, which has given us great pleasure.

Providing our health enables us to do so, we are hoping to fully enjoy the rest of our retirement doing the things we’ve always wanted to do. We would both like to thank Andrew and his team for enabling us to have the retirement that we dreamt of.”

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