About you

We work with a range of clients from diverse backgrounds, all at different stages of life and with different requirements. One thing that they all have in common though is that practical financial planning can have a real impact on their situation.

You might have the following concerns:

  • You wish to plan for your future and ensure the pensions and investment decisions you make are the right ones.
  • How do you achieve financial freedom and fulfil all your retirement ambitions?
  • You are already retired and want to know if you will ever run out of money or maybe you are not spending enough due to the fear of not having enough in later life.
  • Your want to pass your assets to your family whilst avoiding Inheritance Tax.
  • You have a retirement age in mind and want to establish the best exit strategies from your business.
  • You are concerned about losing your assets through paying for long term care.
  • Your pension has accumulated and you are about to retire. How do you maximise your income in retirement? Do you opt for an annuity purchase or a flexible access pension?
  • You are concerned that your family finances are mainly controlled by one individual and want to ensure that all your affairs are in order so that if you are succeeded, your survivors will understand how best to proceed.
  • You already have an investment portfolio which hasn’t been reviewed for a while and you would like an update on its progress and suitability to meet your objectives.

These are the most frequent areas of advice given, however, we have experience in all aspects of financial planning and are happy to consider any matter, however challenging it may be.