‘Successful wealth management means working with you to achieve what’s important to you’

If you’re going to achieve and maintain a financial plan then investment management is a service you need to consider.

We believe the first and most important step is to build our investment advice around helping you to achieve your lifetime goals. We take time to get to know you and understand what you want to do with your money.

Secondly, to achieve a successful investment strategy, we apply the following clear and principled investment process:

  • Fully understand the level of risk our clients are comfortable with when investing their money.
  • Be clear about the distinction between short term and long term money.
  • Invest the long term money in a mix of assets (cash, shares, property, bonds, commodities, currency, etc) that offer good diversification.
  • Use extensive fund selection to recommend fund managers who have a track record of successful investment management.
  • Rebalance the mix of assets periodically.
  • Repeat this process at regular intervals.

We use fund platforms to consolidate investments including ISA and Unit Trust products. These provide easy access to information and transactions, for us and our clients.