Trustee Clients

Our personal injury clients are often recommended by Solicitors and Trustees who value Investment Advice in conjunction with Financial Planning Advice. The injuries or disabilities sustained are often ‘life changing’ and we can advise how best to prioritise financial requirements and answer the following concerns:

  • Can the beneficiary achieve financial independence?
  • How much will it cost to maintain a good standard of living including any requirement for ongoing care?
  • Future expenditure, inflation, interest rates and any other income such as state benefits.
  • How much income can realistically be achieved from the trust fund?
  • Given the beneficiary’s ideal lifestyle, how long will the fund last?
  • How can tax payable on the investments held in the fund be reduced?
  • How can a Trustee invest in accordance with the trust deed, or general trust law (Trustee Act 2000)?

These are just a few questions our clients ask themselves during an important time in their lives when making the right decisions is absolutely essential.

We work closely with all parties to ensure there is a financial package that is most appropriate to your needs and apply a regular review process to adapt to any changes.