Individuals and Families

Many of our clients come to us for retirement advice. You are looking forward to retirement and have accumulated pensions and savings for which you wish to make the best decisions. You may be reviewing your pension options and considering if you can afford to retire and what type of lifestyle you can lead.

You may be looking at strategies to leave your business or planning your retirement in a few years. Equally, you may have already retired and need help with passing your assets to your loved ones whilst minimising tax liabilities.

We understand the personal and financial requirements of our clients extremely well – having built up relationships with several of them since 1996, some continue to welcome our advice now they’re into their 90’s!

Many of our clients are also widows. We have helped with succession planning by working with couples who plan a strategy on how best to cope after death. We also help clients after the unexpected death of a spouse where the deceased has managed their finances. We simplify matters and establish a manageable position.

For our younger clients, you may be changing job and salary, which means your priorities alter in terms of paying back university debt, building up a nest egg or starting to think about pensions. You may be buying a house or starting a family and want to ensure you have the best mortgage and life assurance in place.