About us

Welcome to Financial Planning Solutions Ltd

We are a Chartered Financial Planning Firm, based in South Wales, advising on topics that include investment and portfolio reviews, pensions and taxation, life assurance and practical help for businesses.

In short, we believe in designing a financial future to suit you and your requirements.

We’re fortunate to be surrounded by stunning scenery. So one of our aims is to help you live a lifestyle that enables you to make the most of it. We put the financial planning in place to help you fulfil your goals and lifetime’s ambitions.

Our firm was set up in 2008 by Andrew Tucker after he became a little disenchanted with delivering conventional financial advice. We believe that there is a crucial difference between financial advice and financial planning.

  • Financial Planning concentrates on ensuring the client accumulates sufficient funds in order to achieve their lifestyle ambitions and fulfil the dreams they have for retirement.
  • Financial Advice focuses on delivering suitable product recommendations for both new and existing investments and ensuring the recommendations continue to suit the client’s changing circumstances.

Both, we feel, are of equal importance in delivering services that make a real difference to our clients, so our recommendations ensure we consider each of them in tandem.

In 2011, we were proud to meet the exacting standards required to gain Chartered status as a firm. The majority of our clients come to us by referral from existing clients, which makes us think we must be doing something right and we are continually growing and expanding our services.

The main principle behind the way we work is that we’re here to make financial issues easy to understand. We want to address any concerns you may have regarding your finances and suggest practical solutions.